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 Each of our kitchens is a unique creation, shaped in steel: an indestructible and perfect material for those looking for the synthesis between residential and professional kitchens.



Based on the 80 cm (31") high cabinet module with an 8 cm (3")  toe kick, Via Nolfi represents the mother of all our kitchens with grooves.

The base units, on the ground or suspended, also 60 cm (24") high, are all available in double depth as standard (56 cm 22" or 65 cm 26" at the side) to allow the housing of bulky appliances.

The wall units are available both open and closed, with glass doors, with hinged or tilting openings. They vary considerably in height, from 36 cm up to 48, 60, 72, 96, and 120 cm, for particularly containing solutions, in the name of the vertical development so loved in recent interior architecture.



Testa design module follows Via Nolfi, it differs from this one in the dimensions of the doors, with a view to total transversality of the finishes. The Testa doors overlap the plinth covering it completely and giving the kitchen a particularly slender effect, both for the base units and for the tall units. This eliminates the visual impact of the plinth, which can be unwelcome in total living projects.



In the logic of total transversality of finishes and design, even the Quadro module cannot deviate from the basic project of Via Nolfi and Testa. It differs in the particular refinement in the construction of the kitchen fronts: they are based on a double door and are separated by a small and invisible groove which represents the handle grip. It is a game of frames and reliefs, in which the internal or service door is large and available in different finishes to create the "perimeter frame" effect, while the external door, aesthetic and characterizing the kitchen, takes on colors and more disparate materials, to give complete meaning to the project and align, in terms of variants, with the rest of the finishes already proposed by the sisters Via Nolfi and Testa.



Ergonomics studies the relationships between people, the objects they use and the spaces where they live and work. It’s a true science, with the goal of improving the quality of everyday movements and avoiding unnatural postures that can damage our health. To guarantee both a perfect work posture and an elegant and modern aesthetic, Lineaquattro  offers the latest module which extends 13cm more than the standard one. In this way, you can have more spacious furniture (with 20% more space) and a countertop that is of proper height, also thanks to the various types of door openings. proper height, also thanks to the various types of door openings.


With the wide variety of design options, supported by the structural attributes of the material used. And the finishes for the doors and fronts each ArteCucine kitchen is unique

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